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Hi, this is my blog for all sorts of pro-life news, statistics, stories, and personal ventings. I am a wife and mother, as well as a nursing student. I I truly believe that abortion has failed women, and will continue to do so as long as it is legal.





Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Family Planning

I was talking to my mother in law yesterday about my husband and my fears about having another child too close in age to Holden. Basically we were afraid that Holden will not get enough "special" only child time and we might not be best prepared to have another child for another year or so. The problem is, even with all the rational reasons why we shouldn't have a child right now, I really want to try.

So I was talking this over with my Mother in law and she said two things that really stuck with me.

First- Any child we have after Holden will not get "special only child time". We need to make sure all of our children feel "special" and not worry so much that one will have more attention than the other. This seems pretty simple, but in deciding whether or not to try we often came back to Holden's special only child time. So there goes that argument.

Second- There really is no "good" time to have a baby. Whenever you're pregnant, well that's the "good" time. There are times that are better than others, but a child is a big change and whenever God decides is the right time-well that's the "good" time.

So I've decided not to worry so much about if it is a "good" time or not. I'm turning it over to God and putting it in his hands. In this world of Birth Control and Abortions, even those of us who oppose both somehow get swept up in this whole "family planning" business. So no more, I'm giving up my planning to God(as if I could really plan against him anyways!) Though some may call me irresponsible or worse, this is my decision.


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