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Hi, this is my blog for all sorts of pro-life news, statistics, stories, and personal ventings. I am a wife and mother, as well as a nursing student. I I truly believe that abortion has failed women, and will continue to do so as long as it is legal.





Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Prayer Request:Death in Family

Please pray for my mother's family today. My great uncle passed away yesterday. Pray for his soul, and for the hearts of my family.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Prayer Request

I have two very urgent prayer requests.

The first is for my great uncle who collapsed last night. The last I've heard they were not sure if he would live, nor were they sure of the cause of the collapse.

Second, I've been following the story of a little girl named Ashley here

Today her father posted the following:

We ask that you would please pray for Ashley today. Her blood pressure is dangerously high. It was to high last night and when we came in this morning it had gone above some of the numbers they had told us yesterday would be dangerous. They tell us the main risk for these BP numbers is stroke.
We ask for your prayers and ask that you would spread the word to those you know who follow Ashley's Story.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

If you give a mouse a cookie...

He moves into your house with his family.

Alright, my dear readers. I have a BIG little problem. We have a family of field mice living under our sink. We used no kill traps to trap a couple when we moved in, and now it looks like they've spread the word.

I am horrified with this whole situation. I mean, I have a huge issue with germs, and honestly, I just want to torch the entire house. But, I also can't bear to kill them. I just can't bring myself to lay out kill traps. Poison isn't an option because of Holden.

Our option now seems to be calling our builder (we live in one of those handy dandy communities that remind one of individual home apartments) to pull out all the appliances and patch up any holes. Hopefully it won't be that huge of an issue and our little mouse friends can find a new home.

I must admit though, I feel pretty bad about building a house in their little habitat.


Our House

So, I know I'm really late to this, but we just put our lights and tree up today. Here are some pictures of our efforts.

Gingerbread House that the Little'ens Made.

I can't take credit for this one! My niece and nephew (who I watch after school) decorated this lovely gingerbread house. I built it (though it fell apart about 3 seconds after completion) and they decorated the dickens out of it.

It was a real struggle for me not to "help" or "fix", but I think they did a great job!


Monday, December 18, 2006

Abortion and Impaired Future Fertility

Planned Parenthood seems to believe that abortion doesn't impair future fertility.

Their Claim:

"Safe, uncomplicated abortion should not affect your ability to have a child in the future. In future pregnancies, it does not

* cause birth defects
* cause premature birth or low infant birth weight
* make ectopic (not in the uterus) pregnancy more likely
* make miscarriage more likely
* make the risk of infant death more likely

Having more than one abortion also should not affect future pregnancies."

Oh really?

"Epidemiological findings indicate that the two principal risk factors for EP(ectopic pregnancy) as reproductive rather than contraceptive failure are a history of genital infection or tubal surgery and smoking. Quantitatively, their role in the risk of EP is similar: each explains approximately one-third of EP. They have a causal role in EP risk. The other risk factors are the woman's age and her history of spontaneous or elective abortion. These risk factors together explained 76% of EP"
Fernandez H, Gervaise A. Ectopic pregnancies after infertility treatment: modern diagnosis and therapeutic strategy. Human Reproduction Update 2004;10(6):503-13.

" Women whose pregnancy is terminated by dilatation and evacuation may have an increased risk of subsequent premature delivery and a low birthweight baby. Very little has been published and no conclusions can be made regarding the effects of instillation procedures and repeat abortions on future reproduction."
The effect of pregnancy termination on future reproduction. (eng; includes abstract) By AtrashHK, Baillière's Clinical Obstetrics And Gynaecology [Baillieres Clin Obstet Gynaecol], 1990 Jun; Vol. 4 (2), pp. 391-405; PMID: 2225607

"Birth weight most strongly determined infant mortality"
The Apgar score and its components in the preterm infant.
Thomas Hegyi, Tracy Carbone, Mujahid Anwar, Barbara Ostfeld, Mark Hiatt, Anne Koons, Jennifer Pinto-Martin, Nigel Paneth. Pediatrics. Jan 1998 v101 n1 p77(5).

Now let's look at how man complication's actually occur:

" Three percent (3%) of the women who underwent a dilation-and-evacuation procedure developed complications, compared to 5% of the women who underwent suction curettage. Two percent (2%) of the women who underwent a second trimester abortion developed an infection, the most common complication, compared to 3% of the women who underwent a first trimester abortion."
A five-year experience with second-trimester induced abortions: no increase in complication rate as compared to the first trimester.
Francis R.M. Jacot, Claude Poulin, Alain P. Bilodeau, Martine Morin, Suzie Moreau, Francoise Gendron, Dominique Mercier. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Feb 1993 v168 n2 p633(5).

Ok, so let's look just at abortion rates in America.

"In 2002, a total of 854,122 legal induced abortions were reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Nearly 90% of these abortions were performed before 13 weeks' gestation. Of these induced abortions, 91% were completed surgically by dilation and evacuation."
John M. Thorp, Jr., MD, Carol J. Rowland Hogue, PhD, MPH
Contemporary OB/GYN

So let's see. 90% of 854,122 is 768,709.8 We'll go with 768,710.
10% of 854,122 is 85412.2 We'll go with 85,412

3% of the 768,710 abortions prior to 13 weeks result in complication. That number is 23,061
5% of the 85,412 abortions after 13 weeks result in complication. That number is 4, 270

Of course, this does not take into account how many of these post 13 week abortions are third trimester abortions that carry much greater risk. We are using conservative estimates.

So 23,061 + 4,270 = 27,331 women a year suffer abortion complications. That is 75 women a day. In the United States.

With complication:

"Reproductive potential after a postabortal infection may be compromised by Asherman's syndrome, pelvic adhesions, or incompetent cervix. Tubal infertility is a concern after postabortal infections caused by N gonorrhoeae or C trachomatis."
Postabortion infections
Mar 1, 2001
By: A. Karen Kreutner, MD
Contemporary OB/GYN

Asherman's Syndrome:Asherman's syndrome is the presence of intrauterine adhesions that typically occur as a result of scar formation after uterine surgery, especially after a dilatation and curettage (D&C). The adhesions may cause amenorrhea (lack of menstrual periods) and/or infertility.

"We believe women contemplating abortion would benefit from this knowledge and that providers of abortion procedures have an autonomy-based obligation to make women aware of the potential future reproductive harm. "

John M. Thorp, Jr., MD

It's obvious that even uneventful abortions may impair future reproduction. When we throw complication into the mix, it's little wonder so many infertile women have a history of induced abortion. Please, spread the word. Don't buy into the lie.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Two Year Anniversary

Today was Oliver and my two year anniversary. We went to Sherri den's to celebrate. Frozen custard is wonderful, especially when shared with your sweetie!

I love my husband, and the two years we've spent together. I can't wait for many, many more.


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Vision Forum

Have I mentioned that I love Vision Forum? They have everything you wanted as a kid, and wrap it in moral value! I ordered a few things for my niece and nephew, but I think it's my husband who wants to play with the detective kit and sword (not what you're getting by the way M&C).

Here's the link to their site: www.visionforum.com

If you order before the 20th online you'll get a FREE upgrade to expedient shipping via UPS guaranteed to get there by the 23. If you live in Texas(where VF is stationed) standard ground should come in 1 day.

Go take a look!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

On respect:

I apologize to my readers, specifically Thom, that I was disrespectful in response to his debate.

Something that upsets me greatly is snideness in debate. I generally see no reason to be rude to another person, even if that person holds views quite contrary to your own. I strive to stay away from vulgarity or personal attacks.

Because of the nature of the debate, I think it's important for us all to be cognisant to the feelings our words inspire. It is easy to feel personally attacked in this most unusual of debates.

I feel it is important to acknowledge that pregnancy is an unusual circumstance. There is no direct correlative. Fetal development is not unusual when viewed in terms of the continuum of life, however it is quite extraordinary that one cell merged from two is "us". I understand the unique nature of the debate.

I also understand that through misconception and outright lies on the part of people who stood to gain financially, abortion has become a feminist issue. This is not to deny that the physical act of carrying a child within one's womb is a challenging, and often frightening experience.

However, within these concessions, I will not deny the humanity of the unborn, nor will I deny the responsibility of the mother. However, I will strive to remain respectful of the other's views, even as I see them as flawed.

Thom, I apologize for my language in discussion with you. If you agree to be respectful to me in your debate, I would like to continue conversation. If not, I respectfully ask you to leave debate on this blog, as neither of us will gain anything if we can not show courtesy to one another.

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My Father-in-Law, A Hero

Yesterday was my father-in-law, Mark's retirement party. Retirement probably isn't the best word since he "retired" in order to go back to school to become a Chief. Even so, it was the party celebrating his last day as an active lieutenant.

My father-in-law has been a firefighter for 32 years. He started in the dangerous Miami-Dade department, has served in various cities such as Palm Beach and Ft. Worth, and has worked the last 17 years in Colleyville, TX.

If you knew Mark, you'd know how well firefighting fits his personality. He is one of the most generous men I know. He is a man in the old fashioned sense. He is the type of father that supports his family. If you break down on the side of the road, you know he'll be there to help. He is a good, decent man. He doesn't drink, smoke, or swear (Though he has been known to nonchalantly tell you a story that leaves you scratching your head).

He has saved countless lives through his profession, and is always willing to be the first one on scene and the last to leave. You could see the respect held for him by both his employees and his superiors. Mark challenges people to be their best, and to give their all to the community.

I am so proud to call him "dad"(Ok, so actually I call him "Mark" but you know what I mean :) ) Please keep my in-laws in your prayers as they enter this next stage of their lives.

Thank you, Mark for all that you've done. We love you.


To Those Who Are "Personally Prolife, Politcally Pro-Choice"

It is ludicrous to pretend that our moral values do not influence law. We assert our values on others when we outlaw the killing of any person. I'm sure there are many people who find murder to be morally acceptable, but they are submitted to our moral whims.

How can you personally believe that abortion is tantamount to murder, yet believe that it should be a "woman's choice", It would be ridiculous to say "well I personally believe that rape is wrong, but I don't want to force my beliefs on others so we shouldn't have laws outlawing rape". This is exactly what you're saying by stating that you believe that abortion should remain a legal choice although you consider it murder.

No other situation is handled with the kid gloves of abortion. No other surgery is without physical and emotional risks, and no other ethical issue is so without substance. Pull back the blinders of "choice" and view abortion through the lens of other acts that destroy life. I think you'll be surprised how much "pro-choice" rhetoric has blurred the truth.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Reframing the Debate

I've given my thoughts on personhood, and though some may not find them sufficient, I defy anyone to more accurately and completely define "person".

In fact, I call on all my non-fetal-personhood readers to explain to me their qualifications for personhood.

In addition, I'd like to know why you believe the killing said "person" is wrong.

This is my blog, and I will not be bullied. If you want to keep open the lines of communication, answer my questions. If not, go away. It is ridiculous to debate when only one side is exposed for scrutiny.

Edit: For all my readers who have been respectful, this isn't intended as an ultimatum for you. I would love to hear your opinions, but you are welcome here even if you're not into "debate".


My big boy!

Doesn't my baby look like a big boy? I can't believe how grown up he's getting. I love Holden!


Sunday, December 10, 2006

A fallen world.

I wish I were a better artist so I could express my feelings in a median other than writing. I'm a terrible artist, I can barely draw a stick figure. My writing's not much better, but it's all I've got.

I say this because I have an image in my head of Abortion. Not a technical view of the abortion procedure, but more what the reality triggers within me. It's frustrating being unable to express.

I'm musical, but a cacophony of sounds is hardly a viable outlet. Besides, everything I've ever written has been in C major, and abortion is most definitely a minor muse.

Then there's poetry. Mine's laughable at best.

So we're stuck with this. Whatever this may be. I apologize for my awkward sentence structure and overuse of parenthesis. I'm sure editing my posts would help immensely. Of course, that would require reading what I write, something I never do. I rarely revise anything and, consequently, my writing is a bit rough.

Abortion. Termination. Unwanted. Choice.

Defend to the death a woman's right to choose to kill her offspring. Child is too emotional.

I'm too emotional.

It's hard to be stoic about death. Ayn Rand was wrong, it is more than possible to care. To weep. It's not about control. I don't want to control anyone, I just want the killing to end. Society is a mess, bigoted and misguided, but we all know it's wrong. We would jump in front of a dog being slaughtered by a flippant teenager, yet care not when our own children and grandchildren are ripped apart.

Overdramatic. Realistic.

Jesus is coming. I pray that it is soon.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Lantana Lodge. How to say "Welcome Home" to a service man

This was at the beautiful Lantana Lodge in Pilot Point TX. We were there for our church's marriage retreat.

The lodge was wonderful. It's on Lake Ray Hubbard and has fantastic views. The food was fabulous, the room was cozy, and the company superb!

Now the really great thing about this lodge is they host a "Welcome Home" retreat for service men and their wives. It's to help reconnect the soldiers to their families after being separated by war. Any service man who has been back for less that 15 months is eligible for this FREE two week retreat. The lodge was setting up for the Soldiers Retreat as our group was leaving, and they really go all out.

Here's a link to a page detailing the information:

The Phoenix Project

If you know someone who just came home from Iraq and needs some time to reconnect I highly recommend this project.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Abortion, Delayed Parenting, and Infertility

I've been wandering about some infertility blogs lately. It's heartbreaking to read of women so desperate for a child. Before I go further, I want to make it clear that I'm not condemning anyone. This post is about society, not any individual's choice.

The overwhelming majority of infertility bloggers are older women(from a reproductive standpoint) who have been sold a bill of goods about modern medicine being able to extend fertility indefinitely.

These women are outraged(and rightfully so) that they were mislead their entire lives with the message that "you can have it all" or "you can have children whenever you want". Now entering their 40's these women are realizing that this was a lie. They were had.

This isn't shocking. It's easy to imagine that someone would be outraged that they were not told that fertility weans. We all agree that the myth of the 40 year old mother is far from an everyday reality. What shocks me is how many of these women have had prior abortions.

They make comments like "I was pregnant before, but I had to terminate for X reason, perhaps God is punishing me now". No! God isn't punishing you, you were lied to! Those same people who told you that having a baby at 40 was as plausible as having one at 20 also told you that having an abortion now would not affect future fertility.

They lied. They are still lying. Please, if you've stumbled upon this site by typing in infertility and you've had a prior abortion, get the word out that abortion is a MAJOR risk factor for later infertility and miscarriage.

Women deserve the truth, even if it is inconvenient.

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Justifiable death

In regards to the issue of "necessary evil" and who decides what is a matter of lifestyle and what is a matter of life:

The easiest parallel in the situation is between mother and child and conjoined twins of unequal health.

A therapeutic abortion(in the truest sense of life and death, not disability or "health") is the equivalent of separating conjoined twins when either one will parish or they both will. Removing the weaker twin to allow the stronger to live, while tragic, is within the physicians responsibility. I say this because in both a pregnancy and a situation regarding conjoined twins, the physician must take into account both patients. Because of his obligation to preserve life, he must then choose to go with the path that preserves the "most" life.

An induced abortion, however, is far more similar to a case involving unequal conjoined twins that, if left together, will both live. While it is understandable that the stronger twin would like to be removed, doing so before the weaker has the capability to survive on his own is simply unjustifiable from a medically ethical standpoint. Separating the two may benefit the stronger greatly, but it will result in the death of the weaker. A physician can not abandon one patient for the good of another unless doing so is the only way to save the life of either.

Thom, as far as abortion being "evil", I believe death is the result of the fall of man and thus arises out of Sin, but I believe that an abortion necessary to save the mother from death is roughly the moral equivalent of a miscarriage. It is a tragic.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Apparently I was pregnant with myself!

I'm sick to death of hearing that my prenatal children didn't exist. Apparently they were figments of my imagination. They were "potential children". Silly me, I thought that I was pregnant with an individual. How could I have been so foolish to think that the human that is now Holden was once an embryo. Good thing I've been enlightened to the fact that he was actually a part of me, just like my toe nail! c rt

Also revolutionary, I've learned that the child I miscarried never existed. Again, I could have sworn I saw a separate being in the ultrasound, but it looks like I was mistaken.

Silly me, I was under the impression from numerous texts that an individual, continual life began at conception. I guess I'm just an idiot.

Apparently mourning the loss of unborn children is somewhere in the realm of falling in love with a robot.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Please, Please Pray for my Little One.

I posted a few days ago about the weird lesions on Holden's ears. Well all of his blood work came back normal, and the growths themselves went away so we thought we were in the clear.

Yesterday I thought it looked like they might be coming back, but I didn't want to confuse "coming back" with "going away" so I decided to wait a day to see. This morning the tip of Holden's ear is completely black. It looks alot like frost bite. We have NO idea where these lesions are coming from, and I can find absolutely nothing about spontaneous (apparently painless) narcotization of the pinna.

We have an appointment with his doctor at 11:30 today. Please pray that they can figure out what is wrong with my little man and fix it.

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