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Hi, this is my blog for all sorts of pro-life news, statistics, stories, and personal ventings. I am a wife and mother, as well as a nursing student. I I truly believe that abortion has failed women, and will continue to do so as long as it is legal.





Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Holden's phone

a bit tired

Well I'm a bit tired right now because I've been up all night with the flu :( But I have a rant that I need to get off my chest. Perhaps someone can explain to me why the pro-choice side claims to be for "women's health" but out right denies any evidence that points to the fact that abortion is harmful to that exact cause. I mean, I really don't understand. If we are to believe that they are truly "pro-choice", should they not also want women to be informed of possible and probable outcomes before making such a weighty choice?

I am flabergasted by the lack of concern shown to women by such bigname "choicers" as PPFA and NOW. They both blatantly deny any mental health risks associated with abortion, although there is a plethora of evidence to the contrary. The next time you read an article championing "woman's health" think about what they really mean "planned parenthood's pocketbook".

Sunday, February 26, 2006


This is my son, Holden. He was born at 31 weeks. His story was the straw that broke the camels back so to speak, on what moved me into the rhealm of "Pro-life". His birth was riddled with trials, and I had many, many people encouraging me to abort. First,because I was a college student, and then because early tests showed that he likly had either Downs, Spinal Bifida, or both. I decided that I could not give up on my little man. We fought and fought for him, but alas my water ended up breaking at a far too early 23 weeks. Through the grace of God, and my wonderful doctor, we preserved the preganancy until 31 weeks.

When Holden was born he weighed only 2lbs4oz. I looked around the NICU at the plethora of equally tiny, equally sick, and equally young babies. I looked at their parents, their relatives, their siblings, and all I could think was "these children are alive". It was at that point that I began to really question my "personally pro-life, politically pro-choice" views. I began to read and investigate and was disturbed at what I found. The American people had been lied to. A very crafty, and very dangerous lie. I felt it was my duty to stop this.

So here I am, a quite outspoken advocate of Human Rights.

Hi, this is my first post in here and I'm just going to post a little about myself, my story, and my blog.

My name is Lauren, and I am a nursing student, a wife, and a mother. I became quite active in the pro-life community after spending many weeks hospitalized due to PROM while pregnant with my son. This enthusiasm spread when I was introduced to the world of the NICU and the experiences that arose from the situation.

I fully believe that abortion is doing a disservice to women by enforcing the ludicrous slander that our bodies are flawed and must be taken into submission if we wish to succeed in the "man's world". This is not only offensive, but dangerous to the female cause. I will not sit by and watch women berated for their decisions to become parents, not will I watch a women be disowned for ending employment to spend time with her family. These restrictions were not enacted for the rights of women, they were enacted for the fluffiness of two men's pocket books. This is not acceptable.

Of course, there is something far more nefarious than subjugation of women at work(thought that very phrase is disturbing). We are killing our children at an alarming rate. In the US it is 4000 a day. Mother is being turned against child, and morality is slipping away like sand through the fingers of a child. Innocent lives are ended for convenience and we are force fed battle cries of selfishness and emptiness. Societies collective turn to the killing of not only our own race, but our own children, as means of betterment strikes fear into my heart. I fear the world that my son will inherit. I fear the world that my mother has created.

We must stop abortion. We must stop the killing. We must stop the belittling of women. We must stop the abhorrent practice of genocide that is enveloping our society and entrapping our world in the web of evil.

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