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Hi, this is my blog for all sorts of pro-life news, statistics, stories, and personal ventings. I am a wife and mother, as well as a nursing student. I I truly believe that abortion has failed women, and will continue to do so as long as it is legal.





Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Abortion is "Wonderful".

Would you trust this woman to give you advice about parenting?

Because of my abortion, I was able to heal the tattered pieces of my marriage without suffering a conflicted pregnancy at the same time. Because of my abortion, I've had the time, money, ability to follow my dreams and ambitions, to become the person I aspire to be. Because of my abortion, my husband, who has raised children since he was nineteen years old, will someday have an adulthood without kids in the house.

I'm so grateful I had that abortion, that I could have that abortion.

I grew up in a deeply patriotic family of American leftists who believed in the freedom of choices for all people. We fought for civil rights, women's rights, freedom of speech, the freedom to love who we wanted, to marry who we wanted, to live where we wanted, to be who we wanted -- we fought for all people to have the rights and abilities to choose their lives, not have them chosen by economics, politics, race, sexism. The right to have children. The right to not have children. The right to continue a particular pregnancy at a particular time. And when I was twelve years old, the Supreme Court deemed abortion a fundamental right.

I believe fiercely in that right, and my abortion only strengthened my conviction that abortions need to remain legal and available to all women. Abortion is never easy. Nobody wants one. An abortion is a deep emotional wrench and an uncomfortable medical procedure, but it is not a terrible thing. Unpleasant, yes. Wonderful -- absolutely.

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Thank you Erika Lutz, for showing me what a parent is not. Thankfully your expertise is in traveling with children, and not in instilling a moral compass into the next generation.


  • Sigh....

    Even though I don`t think I have much in common with Lutz or her situation (and don`t expect to -- `m probably the last person on earth that will ever experience an unplanned pregnancy at this point), I really loved her essay, and her honesty. But I guess you expected me to say that...

    And those two lines are WONDERFUL --- hope it all goes well. Happy birthday to Holden, too!

    By Blogger L., at 11:32 PM  

  • YI, really excellent article:

    By Blogger L., at 11:50 PM  

  • Slaying his entire family enabled John List to have a nice life, too. So I guess it was a grave miscarriage of justice when they caught him and put him in prison. People are entitled to a nice life, even if they have to kill other people to get it. Which is what this woman is saying.

    By Blogger GrannyGrump, at 12:45 AM  

  • Thank's L.

    Also, Thank's for the link! That was a great story. I was disappointed in hearing about the new tests because A) they have a high false positive rate (my son is an example of this, high triple screen, markers for DS) and B)They will probably increase the rate of DS abortion.

    I'm so glad parents are stepping in to fill in the blanks of a mostly cold medical establishment.

    Though, it was chilling to read the "well there's a doctor in Kansas who can do a later abortion"....UGH

    By Blogger Lauren, at 6:51 AM  

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