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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Oh those zaney pro-life extremists, what will they do next?

I stumbled upon a planned parenthood site called "eye on extremism" and subsequently onto a recent briefing. I know I feel threatened when I receive an unwelcome brochure with a Zan tagline like "So called "planned parenthood""

Here are the list of our and some choicers offenses from December 2005

HotSpots (Security Briefings) 2005
HotSpots for December 1-31, 2005

HotSpots is a summary of incidents of harassment and violence directed at Planned Parenthood affiliates, national offices, and other reproductive health care providers, produced monthly by The Security Group, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.

Maryland 12/29/05 Staff at a Planned Parenthood site found both their front and rear door locks filled with "superglue." (This incident was repeated 01/04/06).

Minnesota 12/27/05 An organization called Defend Life, based in Maryland, sent a Planned Parenthood affiliate an anti-choice fundraising brochure, featuring photos of Joe Scheidler at the recent U.S. Supreme Court hearing of Now V. Scheidler and various protests. It was addressed to "So-called Planned Parenthood."

New York 12/27/05 A Planned Parenthood administrative office received a letter from an anti-choice extremist from the San Francisco area threatening to bring the wrath of God upon Planned Parenthood.

Colorado 12/23/05 Two masked men were arrested athrowing rat a Planned Parenthood health center when they attacked protesters, w eggs. A third man escaped. The three were friends of a patient's partner. The partner had evidently phoned them from the waiting room to come and give the protesters a hard time.

I guess they can't blame that one on the lifers!

Michigan 12/22/05 A Planned Parenthood affiliate reports that a number of their supporters (and at least one other individual who is not a supporter) have received postcards asking that they "cease from supporting" Planned Parenthood and "their racist ideals and abortion sources." There does not appear to be one consistent source for the names.

The Horror!

South Dakota 12/20/05 Pro-choice participants associated with Planned Parenthood on a South Dakota task force on abortion received hate mail from an anti-choice individual from South Dakota. Planned Parenthood is the only abortion provider in South Dakota, where the legislature passed five bills this year attempting to impose further restrictions on women seeking abortions in the state.

Indiana 12/20/05 Parents of a teen came into a Planned Parenthood health center with a letter they received purporting to be from Planned Parenthood about their daughter's "test results." Assured that the letter was a forgery and did not come from Planned Parenthood, the parents planned to report the matter to the police.

I dont know what to think of that one.

Ohio 12/20/05 A suspicious package was brought to a Planned Parenthood site by the mail carrier. The package was covered with over $7.00 worth of 37-cent stamps, had three mailing addresses on it, and an odd return address that appeared to be for a former employee. Staff notified the police who turned the package over to the bomb squad.

Washington 12/19/05 A staff member of a Planned Parenthood health center was running errands and left her car in the parking lot of a grocery store across the street from the health center when she returned to work. When she went back to her vehicle, a shopping bag filled with CareNet anti-choice pamphlets had been left on her car.

Anything but pamphlets!

Indiana 12/14/05 A small Planned Parenthood health center experienced its first protesters in recent years when a dozen members of a local church appeared shortly after they opened and stayed for about 45 minutes.

Washington 12/14/05 Aggressive protesters were reported at a Planned Parenthood health center

Virginia 12/12/05 A Planned Parenthood affiliate received a piece of hate mail via U.S. mail. The message was anti-choice, but not threatening.

New York 12/09/05 U.S. District Court Judge Richard Arcara has called for a pre-trial hearing into talks that led up to the confession James Kopp made to reporters in 2002 that he had shot and killed Dr. Barnett Slepian. Kopp's current attorney is claiming the confession should not be admissible at Kopp's trial on federal charges because he received poor advice from his prior attorney, whom he believes had a conflict of interest resulting from his representation of two individuals accused of aiding and abetting Kopp following the shooting. The hearing was set for January 13, 2006.

Iowa 12/09/05 A district court made an injunction against an anti-choice extremist permanent. However, the parameters of the injunction were adjusted in the extremist's favor. He is now allowed to protest in front of an Iowa clinic where he was previously barred, but within 100 feet of the clinic he is prohibited from "threatening clients or staff of the clinic, which shall be defined as predicting, promising or advocating death or injury to clients of the clinic, abortion providers or abortion procurers." Another part of the injunction still bars him from coming within 100 feet from the clinic's physician and administrator or their homes. He indicated he will appeal the ruling.

Minnesota 12/07/05 Pro-Life Action Ministries of St. Paul, MN, has begun to distribute a self-published brochure to patients entering a Planned Parenthood health center, written by protester Ann Redding and featuring a photograph of one of Planned Parenthood's volunteer escorts. The brochure purports to be "an introduction into the belief system of an abortion clinic escort." No explanation is offered as to how the research for this publication was conducted.

Pennsylvania 12/06/05 A Planned Parenthood site that rarely has protesters reported two picketers. One woman had a sign which read "Planned Parenthood Destroying Generations One Baby at a Time." The other had pamphlets. Neither trespassed, nor physically impeded access to the health center.

Ohio 12/02/05 A Planned Parenthood affiliate received an e-mail through their website that was unpleasant and nasty, although not explicitly threatening . The sender gave his name and town of residence. The local police may pay the young man a visit to caution him about sending e-mails of this kind.

:( I hate unpleasant emails!

Connecticut 11/19/05 Anti-choice extremist Flip Benham, protesting at a Planned Parenthood health center with a group of 25-30 was arrested for refusing a law enforcement request that he move a large "Malachi" sign. At his later court appearance he was released, with no fine or restrictions.

Now I understand that there have been a few extremists over the years, but since when does handing out pamphlets count as terrorism?


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