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Monday, November 13, 2006

Republish: Where do babies come from? Or I lost it on the river!

Where do babies come from? Or I lost it on the river!

It's a question we all asked at about 5 years old. The way our parent's explained it differed, but we can safely assume that by 12 we all knew that babies came about from sex.

So that's why I refuse to entertain the concept that a fetus is "raping it's mother" because she "did not consent to it being in her body". I have a news flash people: If you know that sex causes pregnancy, even if you take every step to not get pregnant, you are still consenting to pregnancy because it is the cost of the gamble.

Everyone knows that when you gamble you could very well lose your money. You go into a poker match with this knowledge. You lay down your bet, thinking you have a full- proof hand and lo and behold, you lose. Now you can not say "well I didn't consent to losing my money! I just consented to the act of gambling for other reasons!" and then proceed steal all the chips on the table. You went into the hand knowing that there was a high probability of losing your money, you lost your money despite your careful planning, and now you have to deal with it.

Now the crux of this argument comes in the fact that losing your money after losing a bet is NOT a punishment, but rather a foreseeable consequence of gambling. You gamble to feel good, make money, compulsion, get closer to the dealer, or whatever, but the "fun" of gambling takes into account the possibility of losing it all. It is your responsibility to uphold your end of the deal and relinquish your money.

When one consents to sex, she enters into a "bet" of sorts. The odds change depending on her contraceptives, but there is always the chance she will "lose it all" and become pregnant. To deny this is ludicrous, to maintain that this is a punishment is absurd. Sex is a gamble if you don't want a baby, if the cards fall against you you're responsible for the outcome. Even if you use every method of birth control known to man there's always a chance you'll "lose it on the river" and be stuck with the consequences. When was the last time you've seen someone refuse to pay up after losing a bet and walk away? Doing so would be a default on the "contract" of gambling, just as an abortion is a default on the "contract" of sex


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