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Monday, March 12, 2007

5 family meals for under $5 (#5)

I'm running a series of 5 family meals under $5.00. The first part of this series, with links to the rest can be found (here)

This is a great meal that my reminds my dear husband of his childhood. It should- my mother in law taught me how to make this simple, home cooked wonder.

Breaded Chicken and Buttermilk Biscuits and chickeny rice


1 boneless skinless chicken breast per adult. Half per child. $1.00 per breast
1 1/2 liter buttermilk (you wont use it all) $1.00
1 1/4 sticks butter $.50
2 1/4 cups flour $.15
1 cup rice $.20
1 bullion cube

Total cost- 4.97
Feeds- 2 adults, 2 children



Preheat Oven to 500.

Put about a tablespoon of butter into skillet or baking dish and heat in oven until melted. When you get it out of the oven make sure butter covers entire bottom of pan or dish.

Put 2 cups all-purpose flour in bowl.

Cut one stick of VERY cold real butter into small pieces.

Add butter to flour in bowel and mix together quickly (just mix it evenly)

Add about one cup of buttermilk to flour/butter mixture and stir it into loose ball (I use a biscuit mixer for this to keep it nice and cold). Add buttermilk if flour mixture is too dry and continue mixing until a loose ball is formed.

Put floured surface and knead just long enough for dough to form a more solid ball.

Roll out dough to about 2 inches think and cut out biscuits (you can use the top of a round glass if you don't have a biscuit cutter) and place in baking skillet or dish close together. Take the remaining dough from the first cuts and form it in and oblong shape that looks like a couple of biscuits. Cut those out w/ the dough cutter and add to buttered pan w/ first biscuits. It is very important to make sure that you place a biscuit in the center of the pan so that the butter absorbs evenly.

Bake about 15 minutes. Then check to see if top of biscuits are brown. When they're brown, they're done!


Lay out two shallow bowls. Fill one with about 1/4 cup of butter milk, and the other with about the same amount of flour.

Take chicken breasts and lather in buttermilk and then bread in milk.

Throw chicken into an oiled pan and cook til cooked through.


Cook rice according to instruction on bag, adding a bullion cube to water for flavor.


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